High Volume Hiring Platform

Hiring Hourly Workers is Easy

Fountain enables companies to hire the right workers at scale through smart, fast, and seamless software.

Long-term Value

Fill Roles Faster with Quality People Who Stay Longer


Optimize the right channels to attract the right people through intelligent talent discovery.


Connect and engage candidates instantly, reducing time to fill.


Hire without thinking about the backend through automation and simplified integrations.

Choosing Fountain

Exceed Your Hiring Goals

Fountain enables flexibility at every application stage, so you can tailor the platform to fit your recruitment needs.


Find quality candidates through intelligent sourcing and build a robust talent pipeline.


Create a personalized candidate experience and keep candidates engaged from the moment they interact with your brand.


Evaluate, verify, and move candidates through the process seamlessly.


Hire candidates quickly and easily to meet demand.

Satisfied Customers

The World’s Most Sophisticated Talent Acquisition Teams Rely on Fountain

“It’s amazing to see how fast a recruiting process can work when you have the right technology in place. It’s all about getting high quality, fast, and Fountain delivers.”
Tim Sackett, Industry Leader and President at HRU Tech

Talent Acquistion Resources

We Know High Volume Hiring

Industry resources, reports, and insights for hiring at scale.

Industry Trends

The latest trends in high volume hiring and recruitment.

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In the Trenches

Hear advice from other high volume recruiters on how they are conquering hiring.

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Hiring Thousands

Best practices for hiring large volumes of hourly employees in a short period.

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