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Food on Demand is the only conference dedicated to all aspects of off-premises dining, with an emphasis on developing profitable operations in all formats. This event invites key restaurant and foodservice players who are focused on the future of foodservice and delivery, and how the newest technologies can improve their business. A key component, and endless struggle, is workforce management, but Fountain is here to help. Fountain is the industry leader in cloud-based, automated hiring solutions specifically for the hourly workforce. We offer an applicant tracking system (ATS) that has applicant screening, in-platform SMS text message and email communication, executive dashboards, custom workflows & onboarding. As you know, it’s a candidate’s market, and competition is at an all-time high. When your business’ success is dependent on hiring qualified workers, it puts unnecessary strain on managers looking for talented employees. At Fountain, we believe that it should be easy and fast to recruit, screen, and hire your workforce, so we look forward to seeing you at Food On Demand to discuss how we can help you, too!

Why Fountain?

Fountain brings hiring into one place so you can hire faster, whether your company is gig economy, small business, or enterprise. The modern way to find, track and hire talent. Save time posting jobs, finding candidates,  and scheduling interviews. Fountain is available on desktop and mobile, with dedicated global support.

Applicants now demand a personalized and flexible experience with their potential employers - whether it be through jobs in the gig or traditional service economy. Fountain's mission is to help with this shift and open opportunities for the global workforce. Below are some ways we are doing this:


Workers apply through Fountain every month


SMS messages sent  every month


Documents signed from workers every month

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August 10, 2020
August 12, 2020
Las Vegas, NV

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Find us on the floor at booth #432 to chat and learn how fountain we can help your business.

Join 5000+ happy customers using Fountain

Join 5000+ happy customers using Fountain

Built to save you time

Our suite of features will allow you to powerfully scale your workforce as you grow quickly.

One-click Sourcing

Just tell us how many hires you need and by when. We’ll recommend a budget and distribute your job to the best job boards suited for you.

Multiple Brands

Run multiple brands and locations under a single account. Each brand will have its own careers page, jobs, locations, and applicants.

Custom Branding

Customize your applicant and applicant portal to maintain brand identity. Update you logos, colors, and application requirements to best fit your company.

Interview Scheduling

Save time and set your interview availability. Applicants can fill time on your open calendar spots after completing their applications.

User Collaboration

Assign account users to certain locations and communicate with candidates together. Set roles and permissions for different account levels.

SMS Messaging

Send qualified candidates automatic SMS messages as soon as they apply like prompts to upload documents, schedule interviews and event reminders.