Built for speed & scale

Mobile optimized

Give your applicants a fast and seamless experience that stands out amongst your competition.

Set custom filters

Customize your criteria and eliminate any applicant that doesn't best fit your companies needs.

Customize your workflow

Drag and drop any combination of actions to create powerful workflows

Automated scheduling

Set your availability and allow applicants to immediately schedule interviews if they meet your criteria.

SMS capabilities

Automate communications to give your applicants immediate transparency in their progress.

Document signing

Easily send document packages through Fountain with automatic reminders on completion.

Background checks

We partner with the best platforms to make sure your applicants pass your standards.

Video recordings

Put a face to a name by applicants answering your personalized quiz.

Uncover metrics

Use Fountain’s new analytics dashboard to find inefficiencies in your process and discover where to optimize your workflow.


We integrate the best features to enhance your experience and make it easy to implement Fountain into your hiring process. 
Discover how Fountain will set you apart from your competition.
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