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Fountain brings hiring into one place so you can hire faster, whether you're a big franchise, or a small business.

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Save time on Sourcing

No more manual posting. Automatically post your openings to 80+ job boards.

An app for your team

Reduce your Time-to-Hire by making quicker decisions on your web or mobile app.

A smooth application

Raise your applicant volume by providing a mobile optimized application experience.

Join 5000+ happy customers using Fountain to hire their workforce

We used to get 2-3 applicants per week when we were sourcing manually. With Fountain's Boost, we've seen a 3x increase in applicants in a week!

Travis Mason, Area Coach @ Golden Gate Bell
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Run it all from one place.

It’s a hiring “headquarters” for your franchise locations. Get a clear view of all your active jobs, your applicants, and automatic interview scheduling, background check, and reporting.

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Applicant Dashboard

Get a glimpse of all your hiring performance, at every one of your locations.

Smart Sourcing

Post to 80+ job boards at once and never have to worry about applicants again.

Applicant Profiles

Score, rate, and collect applicant information all under individual profile cards.

Bulk Editing

Make bulk actions like advancing applicants, denying, sending SMS messages or emails.

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