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Security & Compliance

Fountain provides robust privacy, security and data protection practices that are compliant with the CASL, GDPR, and CCPA regulations. Our platform has also been verified against the SOC 2 framework, the gold standard in data security and policy procedures. These features allow enterprise organizations to establish resilient performance and global coverage within the virtual cloud infrastructure.

Fountain is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant

Multi-Cloud Hosting

We focus on infrastructure, so you can focus on hiring. Fountain partners with the industry leading enterprise cloud hosting providers to increase platform performance and ensure the safety and security of all candidate data. 

Fountain offers multi-cloud hosting services.

We implemented Fountain in just two weeks and enabled us to quickly communicate with over 10,000 applicants through automation. Within four months, we filled over 200 positions!

Dee Labriola
Director of Recruiting, Turas Group

Single Sign-On

Fountain supports the ability for organizations to implement a Single Sign-On (SSO) method to improve productivity and provide an easy way for end-users to access all applications with just one login. Securely manage employee credentials while streamlining the user experience and quickly revoke access when necessary.

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