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Fountain Hiring Software Dashboard

Make an Impression

Whether a candidate arrives from a job board, employee referral, or social media, a branded career site showcases company values, benefits, and culture. Analytics provide information like number of visitors, candidate source, and conversion rate to inform data-driven decisions.

Fountain applicant tracking system offers customer career sites.

Candidates Apply in Minutes

Our mobile engagement solution allows job seekers to text a keyword (e.g., JOBS) to a short code to begin the application process directly from their mobile device of choice. Geolocation enhancements reduce clicks and show candidates job openings most relevant to their area. Text to Apply enables employers to capture applicant data while providing an engaging candidate experience anytime, anywhere.

Text to Apply allows candidates to apply from anywhere, any time from their mobile phone.

We implemented Fountain in just two weeks and enabled us to quickly communicate with over 10,000 applicants through automation. Within four months, we filled over 200 positions!

Dee Labriola
Director of Recruiting, Turas Group

Hassle-Free Sourcing

Boost is a simple, fast, effective way to get more applicants. Our sourcing tool automatically posts openings to more than 80 different job boards instantly or schedules for a later time. Select Simple or Advanced mode for more options. Based on the job you are boosting, Fountain will recommend the job boards best suited for the role.

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