November 14, 2019

Thursday Nov. 21st

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How to Hire in Less Than a Day

As competition for quality workers goes up, what can Chick-fil-A owners do to gain an edge in the market?

Hosted By:

Mike Rabin
Account Executive


The United States is experiencing the lowest unemployment rate in years (3.6%), says Bureau of Labor Statistics, leaving employers demand for workers at an all-time high. Making adjustments parallel with technological advances and the new generation of workers is critical to have a successful hiring process. Join me as I discuss our best modern hiring strategies designed to reduce time-to-hire and attract the best talent. You’ll leave with a better understanding of what other Operators are doing to deal with these hiring challenges, as well as strategies to improve your process.

You'll learn:

How to find the best talent quickly
How to compete in a competitive job market
Strategies on reducing time-to-hire
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Thursday Nov. 21st

November 14, 2019


4:00PM EST

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