Hiring and Onboarding Strategies For Fast-Growing Companies

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Listen in as we dive into the best practices needed to overcome hiring and onboarding challenges at scale. Hiring and Onboarding go hand in hand. Well it’s easy in theory to synchronize your hiring and onboarding, in reality - most companies struggle to align the two. Ramon Castillo from Cabify is the exception. Not only has he built up Cabify’s hiring and onboarding initiatives, but he streamlined them seamlessly using tools like Northpass and Fountain.
In this webinar you will learn:
How Cabify overcame their hiring challenges
The best performing communication channels that speed up the hiring process
The most important metrics to track for a company looking to scale
What makes a great onboarding process
How to measure the success of onboarding and training
Ramon Castillo
Operations Analyst - Global Operations @
Ramon is the Operations Analyst of Global Operations at Cabify, a transport app that lets you move around the city comfortably and safely with your private car and driver.
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