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COVID-19 is profoundly impacting businesses and workers alike. More than ever, we want to help employers give hourly job-seekers meaningful work.

High-volume Hiring for the Global Workforce.

Streamline your entire recruiting process including sourcing, screening, and onboarding - with ease.

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The world's leading brands trust Fountain to scale and streamline their recruiting function:

We used to only get 5 applicants per week when we were sourcing manually. With Fountain we've seen a 10x increase in volume!

Travis Mason, Area Coach @ Golden Gate Bell
Franchisee of 200 Taco Bell Locations
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We empower the world's leading brands to streamline and scale their recruiting function.

I made 4 hires within 10 days of Boosting my job. Fountain took care of finding me the applicants I needed - so that I could just focus on engaging them.

James Ho
Franchisee of Cauldron Ice Cream
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After using Fountain for just one month, we experienced a dramatic increase in both walk-in applicants as well as online.

Trevor Fleshman
Head of Product, The Town Kitchen
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Fountain has changed the way we recruit and hire talent. The team has helped us scale to 100+ markets and 4 continents in the first 6 months.

Faraaz Naqvi
Head of Juicer Ops at Lime

Success starts with your people.

Time less spent on low-priority tasks means more time saved for the important things. Empower your business to grow.

Handle 10x more applicants

Provide the best candidate experience without compromise.

Never be short-staffed

Fountain customers see up to 70% improvement in time-to-hire.

Streamline your operations

Let software do the dirty work so you can finally breathe.

Seamless integrations

One-click sync to your payroll, HRIS, and back-office systems.

Join the world's leading brands who use Fountain to screen, hire, and onboard their workforce.