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With Fountain's automation abilities you can simply set your hiring preferences and requirements. Spend more time with candidates and less on scheduling interviews and sending reminders.

Customize workflows without code
All in one dashboard
Machine learning
Set custom hiring rules
Manage across multiple locations
Photo of best match

Insights on your metrics.

Spend more time with candidates and less on scheduling interviews and sending reminders.

Candidate drop-off rates

Find the bottlenecks in your hiring pipeline.

Cost per hire

See how much each hire is costing you.

Sourcing channel performance

Find out if your highest volume channels are resulting in hires.

Interview performance

See which times during the week are best for attendance.

Recruiter metrics

Discover your highest performers, and use data to plan the timing of your next hire.

Time to hire

How quickly can a candidate move through your hiring funnel in each market?

Give your candidates the smoothest experience

Provide a quick and easy experience for your candidates with complete transparency.

Apply in under 1 minute
Mobile-optimized application process
SMS reminders and scheduling
Reduce no-show rates by 30%
Custom branding

Behind the best companies.

Learn how we’ve helped the best companies open opportunities for the global workforce.

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