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Deliveroo Inc.
On-Demand Food Delivery
With limited resources  Deliveroo needed a platform to facilitate their international expansion. They were looking to scale their operations across 8 countries but their average time to hire of 3 weeks was a major pain point.
As one of the first partners to use Fountain Smart Sort, Deliveroo utilized machine learning to identify top candidates as soon as they applied. Along with automating key pieces of their hiring funnel Deliveroo cut their time to 24 hours.






Airbnb Inc.
Hospitality Services
With limited resources  Deliveroo needed a platform to facilitate their international expansion. They were looking to scale their operations across 8 countries but their average time to hire of 3 weeks was a major pain point.
Mobile friendly
Photographers are always on the move and a phone is usually the only device they have with them. A fully mobile optimized applicant experience was a key way to capture this workforce’s attention. 
Our customer success team was able to set up automated workflows that matched Airbnb’s hiring process within two weeks of signing on with Fountain.

With a significantly faster time to hire, Airbnb was able to get their photographers up and running without a hitch.
Retail Delivery Services
In order to keep step with Amazon, Instacart, and Costco, Safeway looked to build out their grocery delivery service as quickly as possible. Their hiring process simply wasn’t built for speed and scale.
By putting Fountain in place Safeway was able to capture hiring metrics they had never been able to track. Workflows were set up that provided same day responses to applicants.


Largest Grocery CHain




Cabify looked to expand into numerous countries that had different languages and regulations. How to do this quickly and efficiently was a large task to do alone.
New Markets
In the newly expanded markets, drivers had a quick and seamless on-boarding to Cabify’s platform with a SMS driven hiring process.
Utilizing Fountain’s flexible workflow managment system, Cabify was able to give their hiring process a significant makeover with SMS communication at it’s core.

Drivers were now able to be included in every step of the hiring process. This resulted in a higher retention and overall completion rate.
Delivery Drivers Inc.
Operating in most states across the US, Delivery Drivers, Inc. needed help managing all their client brands all in one place.  Keeping track of each brand's unique process & state requirements, as well as tracking the performance and activity of their hiring managers, was proving to be a huge challenge.
DDI moved all brand management onto Fountain, allowing seamless management of staffing over 60 brands, within compliance standards. Fountain's user analytics allowed their leadership to oversee employee performance and reorganize & streamline their driver management. With Fountain's help, they are now managing the same workforce with half the people.





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" I made 4 hires within 10 days of boosting my job. Fountain took care of finding me the applicants I needed - so that I could just focus on engaging them."
James Ho
Cauldron Ice Cream
" Fountain has not only allowed us to manage more applicants, but it has allowed us to test and adjust our process over time, which is the most important thing for a growing company "
Tom Morrison
Head of Supply Operation for the UK and Ireland
"With Fountain's Boost, I started receiving applicants faster than ever before! Boost removes the time-consuming hassle of posting on job boards manually or tracking applicants on multiple systems "
Vincent Cao
The Halal Guys
“From day one, Fountain has understood the challenges we face in this arena and has provided us with a viable solution that did not previously exist. We’re excited to see how they continue to grow and change the on-demand landscape."
Faraaz Naqvi
Juicer Conversion Manager
" We are having applicants complete interest forms sometimes within 30 to 45 minutes of the posting going up on Craigslist. And because my team can respond faster, we can post a job today and have a few candidates in front of a hiring manager to interview tomorrow "
Regina Parker
HR Manager, Albertsons E-Commerce Unit

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