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Fountain is the hub for all your hiring needs

Hire your workforce quickly and easily through Fountain’s mobile-first software. It’s a single place for sourcing, screening, and onboarding candidates.

One dashboard across all locations

Access all your locations, brands, jobs and all your applicants from one place.
Workflows and Stages
Every job you post has its own workflow comprised of stages.
Perform screening functions
Schedule interviews, conduct background checks, and perform other screening functions.
Send SMS messages
Users can communicate with the candidate at any time via SMS messages or email.
Manage your team
Grant permissions on a per brand level all the way down to the per stage level.

You can source, screen and hire applicants based on your needs

Standardize, clone, and unify workflows. You can also customize each workflow for each of your job openings.
Add or remove stages
You can choose which stages your hiring flow has and make changes at any time.
Automatically post to job boards
Select any job boards you want to post to and edit or update job details in real-time.
Set up automatic recurring tasks
Customize stages like background checks and document collection stages for employees.

Make smart decisions with clear insight

Get high-level metrics on your funnel performance and conversions. You can also drill down to get a detailed analysis.
Hire rate
Understand how many applicants are needed to reach your hiring goals
Stage metrics
Visualize the bottlenecks in your funnel to troubleshoot delays
Drop-off insights
Learn more about the reasons why applicants are rejected
Team performance
Monitor your workflow and know when to add people to your team
Interview attendance
Analyze what days and times are best for offering interviews
Applicant conversion
Optimize your funnel for improved conversion from stage to stage
Scheduling Toolkit
Qualified candidates receive SMS messages and emails with links to schedule an interview. Time slots are automatically updated based on your calendar. Once a candidate selects a time, they will receive an SMS message confirming their interview.
SMS messaging
Send qualified candidates automatic SMS messages as soon as they apply. They will continue to receive ongoing texts and emails throughout the hiring process. These include prompts to upload documents, schedule interviews and event reminders.
Video Interviews
Let your candidates record video interviews so that you can pick the right people for an in-person interview. This is also helpful for assessing communication skills in both how they speak and make eye contact.
Mobile-First for Applicants
The entire hiring experience is built for mobile devices. No desktop, app or login is required. Additionally, everything is fully-optimized for the most popular mobile browsers. You can even switch between your laptop and mobile device to pick up where you left off!
Document signed
12 mins ago
Document signed
12 mins ago
Background check submitted
56 mins ago
Background check submitted
56 mins ago
Interview with Chelsea D at 3pm
Interview with Chelsea D at 3pm
New message from Cindy T
Just now
New message from Cindy T
Just now
Video recording uploaded
2 hours ago
Video recording uploaded
2 hours ago
New applicant for Cashier
Just now
New applicant for Cashier
Just now
Interview scheduled with Brian W
4 mins ago
Interview scheduled with Brian W
4 mins ago

Keep everyone on track

Automated scheduling, reminders and notifications ensure everyone is on the same page - all with Fountain’s interview scheduling and calendar management toolkit.

Recruiters and hiring managers avoid double-booking phone interviews, onboardings and in-person interviews with calendar-syncing and only allotting the time they choose.

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Fountain Integrations

Fountain integrates with a wide variety of job boards, background check vendors, signature vendors and learning management systems. Streamline all your third-party vendors so you are optimized for efficiency!
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